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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.

Random Thoughts

Eight days down; 25 to go. Already, I can see where the routine gets tedious. There’s supposed to be a bell you can ring on the last day. I must check into this and ask if friends and family can come see you ring it.

At one of my sessions I asked what day of the week there was cookies and milk. “If you want cookies,” came the answer, “you’ll have to bring them.” Okay, I shall. Maybe on Valentine’s Day.

The right side of my right breast, as well as my right armpit and right shoulder are completely numb. You could put the proverbial meat fork in me there, and I wouldn’t blink. It’s been this way since my surgery on November 14. Since then I’ve learned that nerves which were cut during surgery are very slow to knit together. Very slow equates to 1/8 to ¼ inch a month. And it’s possible the feeling in these body parts will never come back. I wish I had known this going in. It gets back to my not liking surprises.

And, of course, Earl reminded me that eleven months from today is Christmas Eve!

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