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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


I’m feeling more and more like my old self (meaning ‘former,’ not ‘aged’.) each day. I realize it’s a reprieve before I start radiation. So I’m working as hard as I can to pack as much as possible into my waking hours.

Today was the first day since surgery I didn’t nap. There was too much to do. Put up the Christmas tree that usually is decorated around Thanksgiving. Friends made it happen. Start on crockpot soups for the arriving guests. See the surgeon who did my operation in the hope of being released from his care.

This last was quick, although he didn’t release me.  I have to return in two weeks instead of one (which is progress in one sense) to make sure all is healing well.

I haven’t told the radiation oncologist yet or inquired at the hospital, but it’s my plan to start radiation on January 15. I imagine most patients wait for their doctors to tell them what to do, but I’m not most patients. Being in a family of medical professionals helps me be more assertive.

Tomorrow I see the physical therapist and will ask how I get on the radiation schedule. That is, after she tells me what I have to do to get the mobility back in my right arm. I understand I have to be able to raise both arms at a certain angle above my head for radiation. I’ll do my part if the medical team does its part.

Finished the day at dinner with friends and feel blessed on so many fronts. Today was immeasurable.

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