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Slouching Toward April

This is the last full week of March and the last full week of the first quarter of the year.  I’m sure statisticians and politicians are watching for various signs of economic growth, decrease in unemployment, and who in the public eye has been caught in the worst embellishments.

As for me, I’m enjoying this last week partially because I’m not watching the news for any of these items.  Instead it’s my final days in what I call ‘low gear.’ Because we sold our last rental property in December, I’ve had no calls from tenants these past three months. I’ve done almost no traveling. Started no major household projects. And haven’t had to worry about planting flowers and maintaining them.

I’ve enjoyed this relative quiet. It’s enabled me to catch up on things like sleep, my magazine reading pile, even some new recipes.  Have already sent the paperwork to our accountant for the taxes. And, of course, there’s the builder’s class that I’m taking.

So it isn’t as if I’ve been a slug since the first of the year unless you think sleeping is a slug-like activity. (I prefer to consider it a necessary part of each day.) I’ve just been a homebody with few deadlines other than those that were self-imposed; and it’s made me look forward to the next three months when travel, home decorating, and tending gardens return to my life. I’m ready.

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    Me to… Yo soy listo!

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