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Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. Originally we planned to host some Chicago friends in our home for the game. But weather dictated otherwise. So Earl and I shall be watching LII by ourselves and probably won’t give it one hundred percent of our attention. We can do a jigsaw puzzle, laundry, or even paperwork while the spectacle is going on, mostly because we are not invested in the outcome.

Investment in an outcome is really important if you ask me. If your team is in the Super Bowl, you’re all over it. If your favorite tennis player is Roger Federer, you’ve been thrilled lately. Same with those 2016 Cubs and the World Series that broke the Billy goat’s curse.

Investment in one’s health is equally important. In 2004, Earl and I remodeled our two full bathrooms at the same time. It meant we needed to join a facility where we could shower for eight weeks to avoid social ostracization. In the end, I stayed a member and met a wonderful group of friends who are my support today.

Maybe that’s a secret key to investment. One becomes attached, whether it’s a local team or a favorite sport person. Or even local friends. We are not watching the Super Bowl together tonight, but I can tell you my friends all belong on that top team.

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