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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


The several inches of snow we received in the last 24 hours wasn’t a surprise, since I’d checked online to see what the weather would hold. But the rest of the day was filled with pleasant, unexpected delights.

S and I are known for our interest in KFC; in good times we manage to get there about once a week.  So today, she showed up with two original chicken breasts and homemade peanut butter cookies. It was the perfect lunch.

Another friend offered to make special cookies for us for Christmas; we just had to tell her what kind. So oatmeal-raisin cookies will be available for our holiday pleasure. Earl and I just have to make sure we don’t eat them all before the other guests arrive.

The personal chef sent her final menu based on my input. It makes me salivate just to read it.  I’ll not describe it here, since it deserves its own blog post.

Several friends emailed that they’d been reading my blogs about my cancer experience. It is most encouraging to know others out there relate, because I believe the medical profession doesn’t always do a good job of “humanizing” health problems. That’s what I’m here for.

Finally, today was my aunt’s birthday; so naturally we touched base. She and her husband, both in their nineties, were not feeling one hundred percent; and we commiserated about that. They stayed close to home today, as did I. Hopefully they’ll celebrate tomorrow; and if Duane departs I shall too.

All in all, today was a 9.

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